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chaos is a character in the Xenosaga franchise of games.  Presenting himself as just another human, despite possessing strange powers, his original name was Yeshua - the Hebrew or Aramaic name for Jesus.
Yes, and no.  The Xenosaga universe uses many elements from the Gnostic Religion.  In the Gnostic belief, there were actually two people who were Jesus.  One was the man who spoke of God and drew in the listeners, the other performed the various miracles.  Of these, chaos is the latter.  It is even canon that chaos was taken in by the teachings of the man named Jesus, desiring only to help the world.
chaos is basically a divine being.  In his universe, two domains exist, which are often referred to as either the Upper and Lower domain, or the Real Numbers and Imaginary domain.  The Upper/Imaginary domain is for all intents the realm of God (U-DO) and of consciousness.  The Lower/Real numbers domain is where humans reside.  Although he resides in the Lower domain, chaos is connected to the Upper domain as well.  He is also the universal failsafe.
At the time the Lower domain was created, so was a power that would let it be destroyed if it ever began to collapse, something that would destroy the Upper domain if it were to happen.  At the time of chaos' creation, this power became a part of him.  The moment he began to use his powers, the Lower domain began a spiral towards destruction.  Now, although chaos' powers are what destroys the Lower domain, and although he began the destruction, humans and what they do can easily affect the speed of, and increase, the destruction of the Lower domain.
In the technical sense of divine being, no.  He did not create the world, nor can he see everything that may happen - although he can fully see the most likely outcome.  Still, much of what he knows is by sense or reading possibilities.  However, as he is a part of the Upper domain, and he can affect the route of the universe if he so desires, he is a divine being within the Xenosaga universe.
Technically, he can be.  However, chaos is hesitant to use his powers because of what they cause to happen.  As well, this only stands for his own universe, and how he affects other universes is unknown.  As well, he is written much like a rechargeable battery;  he can expend a great deal of energy for a very long time, but then he must rest and recharge.
I spell his name chaos as compared to Chaos because that is how he spells it in canon.
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chaos is an extremely powerful character.  Because of that, here is a permissions post.  You may always opt out of him using any of these powers on you, or limiting their use, as you feel comfortable.  If you are unsure if your character should be affected, plese contact me.

Now, a quick explanation of chaos' most breaking powers:

chaos is able to know a person's histories, their names, etc., without ever having met them. He merely has to actively search out the histories of those in an area, nearby or even galaxies far apart, to attain this information. This gives him a very deep understanding of each person. He can also at this stage feel their existence, or basically their soul, as well as anything else that contains a soul. It is a form of empathy, as it is possible he may read the occasional strong emotion as well.  On top of this, he has the ability to telepathically communicate with others, levitate objects and can sometimes even alter the mind, say implanting a suggestion to make a person believe it was their own idea, when it was not.

He also has one PC-only affecting power, called Supreme Judgment which, when it connects, will limit the regenerative abilities of regenerating characters by 1/2 the speed.

Below, I have provided a permissions post for all these things.  I am willing to make exceptions or go on a case-by-case basis if you so desire, or to make these things completely impossible for him to do to your character.  :)

Can chaos know your name without ever talking to you directly?:
Can chaos know your history without ever talking to you directly?:
Will chaos be able to feel a soul within you?:
Will chaos be able to pick up on strong emotions from you?:
Can chaos mess with your mind (Rarely will even try):
Can chaos contact you telepathically?:
Can chaos levitate you?:
Can chaos use Supreme Judgment on your character?:
Can chaos make guesses on your character's history based off your words/actions? (Naturally, this could be completely wrong, as it is based on his own knowledge of the human mind and nature):


Some of these powers may be capable of affecting players.  If he is to use any of them on another player, I will make sure to contact you ahead of time.  Please note, I have also included notes for myself of some of the limits placed on these powers.

Protective Wear - Effect of special attacks destroyed by 1/4.  (Works on some, not others.  For player-based powers, we'll discuss. Mostly works for non-touching abilities, AKA distance attacks.)

Healing - Heal wounds (Current ones only, say within 1 in-game day/night.  Amount of healing to be left to player and any mod stipulations).  This also applies to himself.  He cannot regenerate arms or organs lost in combat.

Ice Wings - Several feathers surround enemy, turning chilly and creating an all-encompassing ice cell around them that then shatters to do damage

Flame Wings - Several feathers surround enemy, and turn hot at touching the enemy, burning them

Lightning Wings - Several feathers surround enemy, then call down a column of lightning

Purifying Storm - Can awaken, cure poison, etc, but only early stages.  (Ineffective against anything the Phantasms do, and can also be made ineffective against player techniques which cause these)

Angel Wings - Using chi, does extra damage - close range

Lunar Seal - Using chi, does extra damage - Long range

Angel Blow - Using chi, does extra damage - Radius attack (circular) - Please note this attack could hurt nearby allies

Chain Blast - Disabling blast (Limited affect.  For PCs, we'll discuss as always)

Divine Spear - Calls a huge spearhead down to do damage. Only works if an ally nearby is dead.  (More or less shall cause something negative to happen)

Defensive - Increases allies defensive capabilities for a short time

Balance- Increases all allies accuracy and evasion for a short time

Rare Steal - Steals an item from the enemy  (More likely to cause negative happenings)

Disengage - Teleports all allies out of the area of battle  (Bad things happens)

Heat - Causes all enemies to attack him

Group Heal - Can cure 3 at a time, more and he will instantaneously be unconscious

Cataclysm - Several small meteor shards fall on the opponent, followed by one giant meteor.  (Likely to cause bad things to happen)

Note:  The more chaos uses his powers, the more exhausted he will get.  Eventually he may pass out or be unable to use his powers, while being very weakened.
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Due to the fact chaos should recall the things he's heard, overall, but his mun often forgets things...  I'm making a list of information he's found out since arriving at the house.

- Time moves differently here than in his own universe, and for others it seems (The second provided by Dib)
- There's ghosts in the house.  Day is safe, at night the ghosts come out.  (Dib)
- There's at least one ghost for each room in the house, supposedly (Dib)
- The house constantly gets bigger (Dib)
- Night watch, safe rooms and banging in the night when new rooms are about to open (Dib)
- Food appears in the kitchen, but sometimes at night it turns into maggots (Dib)

- The little girl refers to the place as "her house" and her name as "Danielle".  Someone named Laura named her it. (Danielle)

- Something about tortures and beatings (Niall)
- Niall also seems to have some sensing abilities, but they are not specific if his words ring true (Niall)

- Evil doctors and nurses in the basement (England)

- Cale exists, but thinks chaos is crazy
- Laufey is aware of chaos' purpose
- Niall has only been told that chaos is "Order through Chaos"
- Charles realizes chaos has some form of power
- There's a country in the house
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This will be slowly updated, but below is chaos' thoughts on people, as well as which ones know - in one form or another - that he is not entirely human.  If they think he is something else, such as Charles probably believing he is a Mutant, that will be noted too.

King Laufey - Aware of what and who chaos is, insofar as can be explained by chaos himself

Niall -

Charles Xavier -

Cale Tucker -

England -


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